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A wilderness permit is required year-round for backpacking or any other overnight stay in the Yosemite Wilderness. A wilderness permit is not required for day hikes (unless hiking to Half Dome) or for staying in lodging facilities and frontcountry campgrounds Wilderness Permits Yosemite Wilderness Permit Process. Winter permits (November-April) are required, but you do not need to apply online or... Trailhead Quota System. Yosemite National Park has a trailhead quota system limiting the number of people entering a... Winter Permits. Wilderness permits.

To better manage heavy visitation in Yosemite National Park while California continues to experience the COVID-19 pandemic, reservations will be temporarily required to enter Yosemite every day through February 28, 2021. Starting March 1, reservations will not be required to enter Yosemite Wilderness permit reservations are available (and strongly recommended) up to 24 weeks (168 days) in advance, and up until two days before your hike. Sixty percent of reservations are available 24 weeks in advance; the remaining 40 percent are available one day in advance Stay Safe With These Yosemite Wilderness Permit Resources Each hiker in Yosemite National Park is responsible for obtaining the proper permits for hiking, backpacking and wilderness overnight stays. Trails in Yosemite may be closed when there are hidden hazards or when they are impassable due to rock fall, snow, ice, or fire If you have a permit for one of these two trailheads, you must spend your first night at Little Yosemite Valley Campground (no additional reservation or permit required). A number of trails from Tuolumne Meadows also provide indirect access to Little Yosemite Valley (20- to 40-mile hike) Full Trailhead Report - Yosemite National Park (U.S. National Park Service) ×. Contact Us. NPS.gov. Park Home. Plan Your Visit. Things To Do. Backpacking. Wilderness Permits

A wilderness permit is required year round for: Overnight trips into John Muir, Ansel Adams, Golden Trout, Hoover Wilderness, and the wilderness portions of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Day Use of the Mt. Whitney Zone Wilderness permit station; (summer only) Campground High Sierra Camp (by reservation only) Trailhead Ranger station Gas station Trail Paved road osemite Trailheads Map 1 Wilderness hikers must camp in the area indicated on the map for their corresponding trailhead. Hikers may not pass through Yosemite Valley on a single wilderness permit Yosemite National Park in beautiful Mariposa County welcomes you to experience this majestic park in all four seasons. Explore things to do, such as seeing awe-inspiring vistas, granite icons, breath-taking waterfalls, and discovering fascinating history, all while staying in Yosemite and Mariposa County. Whether it's your first time visiting Yosemite National Park or you're a seasoned veteran traveler, you'll always find something new to do here. Search for events, lodging, dining.

If you apply for a Yosemite wilderness permit, and Half Dome permits are available for the date you choose, you will be able to hike Half Dome as part of your backpacking trip (but these permits are not valid for day hikes). A permit of Half Dome still isn't guaranteed, but at least you'll still have a chance to do something in the beautiful Yosemite backcountry In response to COVID-19, the Yosemite Conservancy wilderness team has implemented a new online contact form. At this time, this online form is the best way to reach us with questions about your 2021 wilderness permit. All permits will be distributed via email. Planning Your Wilderness Tri Yosemite Park Entrance Fees Most vehicles must pay a $35 entrance fee, good for seven days. If you live nearby, you can snag a $70 annual pass, which pays for itself after two trips. But if you spend much time at all on federal lands, consider picking up the America the Beautiful Pass Book › Direc Please watch: 7 THINGS | Wish I knew before joining the Military https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNwiLqz-_dg --~-- Want to go backpacking in Yosemite? I w..

Yosemite Half Dome Hike Permit + Fees Even after applying, it's still very unlikely to win a Half Dome permit. Therefore, there are a few things to consider after you've applied. A wilderness permit is required, in addition to Half Dome permits, if you'll be backpacking in and spending the night along the way SOBO: Yosemite Wilderness Permit Reservation. The SOBO John Muir Trail permit Application called, a Yosemite Wilderness Permit, is run via a lottery system due to the hike/area's popularity. The lottery system is based on quotas where the park limits the total number of JMT thru-hikers entering all trailheads to about 45 hikers per day: 15 can enter through Lyell Canyon, 20 through Glacier. How to obtain Yosemite wilderness permits. Due to its popularity, permits must be obtained for any overnight stay in Yosemite, backpacking or otherwise. Day hikers do not require a permit; with the exception of Half Dome. Wilderness permits can be applied for in advance - and this is highly recommended - as the popular trailheads can fill up on the first day that reservations open Für die Route braucht man ein Permit sowie Trittsicherheit und Schwindelfreiheit. Im Gipfelbereich muss an Drahtseilen gekraxelt werden. Im Gipfelbereich muss an Drahtseilen gekraxelt werden. Mit dem Valley Floor Loop gibt es z.B. aber auch einen wunderschönen langen Wanderweg quasi ohne Steigungen (20 km)

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How to Get a Yosemite Wedding Permit. To get a permit for your Yosemite wedding, you must fill out the application on the park's website, then mail it in with a $150 check or money order. The processing time can take awhile, so I recommend filling out and sending your permit in as soon as you can. To see all the details along with the application, check out the official park website here. McGahey says, Normally, you wouldn't need a parking permit for your vehicle, but to reduce crowding during the pandemic, Yosemite is limiting the number of vehicle entries to the park.. As with the weeklong passes now required for entry, the pass holder's name will be required to obtain the overnight vehicle permit for big walls, and only that person can use the pass The best way to experience the 1,100 square miles of the Yosemite Wilderness is to explore it first hand. May 6, 2020 Staff A wilderness permit is required to camp in the backcountry of Yosemite National Park. Free wilderness permits are required year-round for any overnight stay in the Yosemite Wilderness

Permits. Half Dome day use hiking permits are available only through lotteries on Recreation.gov. Half Dome day use hiking permits are not available at any office in Yosemite National Park. If you intend to camp overnight during your hike to Half Dome, do not apply here. Instead, follow the process for getting an overnight wilderness permit Yosemite Trailheads (Happy Isles, Lyell Canyon) Segments 1 and 2 . One of the great things about the John Muir Trail is that you can start in Yosemite National Park, and get your permit for the whole trip. Here are some tips for getting the permit at Yosemite. First of all, set a reminder for yourself 24 weeks in advance, if possible. You may. Apparently you need a different permit for that, the PCT permits don't cover half dome or backpacking in Yosemite valley. If I'd known that I'd needed special permits for Yosemite and half dome I would have gotten them when I applied for all the other permits that I needed for the PCT, I grumbled. It never occurred to me that the PCT would take me so close to the natural wonders of Yosemite without allowing me to actually go and explore them Yosemite's website shows the most popular request dates of the last season. For those who don't get a permit through the lottery, approximately 50 permits per day will be available in daily lotteries during the hiking season If you're hiking the JMT southbound (SOBO) starting at the north (Yosemite), you'll need a permit from Yosemite National Park. If you're hiking the JMT northbound (NOBO) starting at the south (Mt. Whitney), you'll need a permit from Inyo National Forest. Yosemite wilderness permit reservations are available 24 weeks (168 days) in advance. If you hope to reserve a permit, you should apply exactly 168 days in advance

Permits are valid for continuous wilderness travel in the Sequoia, Sierra, and Inyo National Forests (NF) and Yosemite NP, subject to those agencies' conditions. Travelers entering the parks from the Jennie Lake Wilderness obtain a Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs permit for the JO Pass, Belle Canyon, or Sugarloaf entrance Besuchern im Jahr zählt der Yosemite zu den populärsten Nationalparks der USA. Einer der beliebtesten Wanderwege, der sehr steile Aufstieg zum Half Dome (1.463 Höhenmeter; je nach Ausgangspunkt 22-26 km Rundtrip), wird ab Mai 2010 permitpflichtig Upper Yosemite Falls; Bridalveil Fall; Glacier Point und Taft Point; Tunnel View (klassisches Valley-Panorama) El Cap Meadow; Besteigung Half Dome (Permit erforderlich) Tuolumne Meadows und Tenaya Lake; Empfehlenswerte Klettertouren im Yosemite. Im Yosemite Valley gibt es definitiv für jeden Geschmack und für jedes Niveau geeignete Klettertouren Yosemite National Park is Open during COVID-19, please recreate responsibly. As of March 1, 2021, Yosemite National Park is open for visitation without the need of a day-use reservation or in-park overnight lodging reservation. Just simply arrive at the gate, pay the entrance fee and enjoy Yosemite National Park in all of its beauty Yosemite National Park. First protected in 1864, Yosemite National Park is not just a great valley, but a shrine to human foresight, the strength of granite, the power of glaciers, the persistence of life, and the tranquility of the High Sierra. Starting on March 1, Day Use Entry reservations will not be required to enter Yosemite National Par

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Wilderness permits from Yosemite National Park. A wilderness permit is required to hike on the JMT, and it is important to note that there are entry and exit quotas which limit the number of hikers who can use this trail each day. Southbound (SOBO) hikers will need to apply for a permit through the Yosemite Conservancy Yosemite's process for permits and how to get them is a little different than other National Parks; Yosemite has a limited number of permits per trailhead. The permit system is a lottery, you can apply 24 weeks before the start of your trip. First-come first-serve permits are also available, but may be difficult to obtain for more popular trailheads. To be successful in getting the.

In Yosemite, backpacking permit reservations are processed online by lottery 24 weeks (168 days) in advance of the date you want to start hiking, with a 7:30 a.m. Pacific time deadline. You can apply online up to 169 days in advance and you will get a response within about two business days. For example, to start a trip on Sept. 9, submit your application on March 24. Permits are issued based. Yosemite National Park will open Friday to backpackers with existing wilderness permits and those with permits to hike Half Dome, park officials announced Tuesday. Yosemite officials have not said.

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Most people will obtain their permit from either Yosemite National Park or Inyo National Forest. Each agency recognizes permits issued by other agencies for travel that crosses national park or national forest boundaries as long as travel remains within the trail system. Permits are required year-round for all the agencies involved. The permits themselves are free (e.g., if you get a walk-up) though there is a nominal fee for the reservation, generally $5-$10 per reservation plus $5 per. Yosemite Permits Aren't Making Half Dome Safer The logic behind requiring permits on Yosemite's famed Half Dome was sound: smaller crowds equals fewer accidents. In this case, the opposite is true Please contact Yosemite National Park for new information about wilderness permits. Yosemite National Park Wilderness For trips entering Yosemite National Park Wilderness from Cherry Lake, Kibbie Ridge, or Lake Eleanor, visit any district office or call the Groveland Ranger District by phone no more than 24 hours in advance of your trip. Cherry Lake Dam gate to Cherry Lake, Kibbie Ridge, and.

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5 Tips For Eloping in Yosemite Settle all permits and fees ahead. You may schedule up to a year in advance. There is one main road that goes around the valley in Yosemite, so plan ahead and prepare for some traffic. Get together with one of our Wandering Weddings photographers and map out your day. Yosemite National Park Maps By Region and Trail Maps In addition to our interactive map above, find detailed PDF maps of specific regions and trails for your outdoor adventure. Yosemite National Park encompasses 1,169 square miles of gorgeous and rugged terrain, so it's crucial to know not only the best way to get here, but how to successfully find your way around once you're in the park

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This is the Yosemite wilderness trailhead map (2.2 mb), labeling all the trails that are reservable for an overnight wilderness permit (walk-in permits are also available). Get your permit early. Various Yosemite Valley map Half Dome Hiker Permits. Half Dome is Yosemite's most iconic attraction in all of Yosemite Valley, but it is also the most sought after which is why this is the only day hike in the park that requires a permit. A Half Dome hike is one that should only be attempted when the cables are up and the weather permits. Do not hike Half Dome unprepared. Despite the popularity of this hike, it is not. • In Yosemite, permit reservations are processed by lottery 24 weeks (168 days) in advance of the date you want to start hiking, with a 7:30 a.m. Pacific time deadline. You can apply online up to 169 days in advance and you will get a response within about two business days. For example, to start a trip on July 27, submit your application on Feb. 8 or 9. Permits are issued based on trailhead. In an effort to reduce traffic and increase safety on Northside within Yosemite, officials have announced that a permit will now be required at specific locations during the annual firefall.

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Issue Permits : Yosemite National Park Permits: The National Forest are sub-divided into Ranger Districts. Backpacking permits are obtained from the Ranger District of the National Forest where our backpacking trip begins. E-Ticket Ride Our backpacking permit will be honored by all of the subsequent National Forests, Parks, and Wilderness areas that we named on our permit. There have been. Permits: Yosemite National Park is one of the most popular backpacking and hiking destinations in the United States, so permits are required year round for overnight camping and the number of permits is limited based on a quota system. You will want to secure a permit as early as possible to do this hike in June, July, or August. The peak hiking season for this trek is generally late June. The Snow Creek Cabin, on Yosemite's north rim below Mt Watkins, is limited to six people per night generally from mid-December through March. You can pick up a wilderness permit (if available) and the current combination for the cabin's lock at the Valley Visitor Center one day before your trip. Even further afield is the Tuolumne Ski Hut. Wilderness permits. Any overnight stay in the park either requires reservations if you're staying at a designated campground or a wilderness permit if you're camping along the trail. Click here to reference our section on researching and acquiring wilderness permits in Yosemite. Top shuttle options for backpacker

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  1. Yosemite is changing Half Dome hiking permits this year. Tom Stienstra. March 26, 2019 Updated: March 28, 2019 11:16 a.m. Facebook Twitter Email. Comments. 3. 1 of 3 The deadline to apply for the.
  2. If you do not get a permit for Half Dome, do not be discouraged, there are so many other amazing hikes in Yosemite National Park. Hiking Upper Yosemite Falls & Yosemite Point The second-longest waterfall hike in Yosemite National Park is Upper Yosemite Falls
  3. Permits and Reservations. It's often said that John Muir, the renowned outdoorsman with a deep love for Yosemite, often ventured on his wilderness sojourns with little more than some tea, bread, and a sleeping roll slung over his shoulder. These days, however, planning for a backpacking trip is a little more involved—especially in Muir's.

The John Muir Trail runs from the Happy Isles trailhead in Yosemite Valley to the summit of Mt. Whitney near the Whitney Portal trailhead on Inyo National Forest. Wilderness permits in the Sierra Nevada are under a quota system that prevents crowding on the trail and protects the environment. John Muir Trail permits go quickly. Plan ahead. You'll get a permit from the agency that manages the. Yosemite National Park has been closed for the last 10 weeks due to California state shutdowns from the pandemic. They began reopening on June 11th by allowi..

Yosemite History Center finden Sie eine Anzahl von Siedlerhäusern mit historischen Einrichtungen, die hierher verlegt wurden, wilderness permit immer nach den Weg- und Wetterverhältnissen, den Vorschriften hinsichtlich der Lagerfeuer und nach besonderen Vorsichtsmaßnahmen, die ggf. im Gebiet Ihrer geplanten Tour zu beachten sind. Überprüfen Sie noch einmal Ihre Aus-rüstung und. If not, Yosemite wedding planners like AddyRose Design and YosemiteWeddings.com have the local knowledge to help you find the perfect venue, and sort through the many options for catering, music, flowers, photographers, makeup and hair stylists as well as navigating special use permits and other Yosemite-specific logistics. That way you can relax knowing that your wedding is going to live up. California travel tips host Veronica Hill shares her Yosemite Travel Guide in this episode of California Travel Tips. Plan on a full week to fully enjoy th.. Permits: Yosemite National Park is one of the most popular backpacking and hiking destinations in the United States, so permits are required year round for overnight camping and the number of permits is limited. You will want to secure a permit as early as possible to do this hike in either late June, July, August, or September. The peak hiking season is generally mid July through early. Das Yosemite Valley ist das Zentraltal des Yosemite-Nationalparks in Kalifornien. Es repräsentiert zwar nur etwa ein Prozent der Gesamtfläche des Parks, aber hier spielen sich die meisten touristischen Aktivitäten ab, der Rest des Parks ist durch Straßen weit weniger erschlossen. Dies ist ein beabsichtigtes Konzept, um den größten Teil des Parks so wenig wie möglich menschlichen.

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  1. Yosemite National Park. As of March 1, 2021 day use reservation are not required to visit Yosemite National Park. Every vehicle is required to pay the entrance fee upon arrival. This pass is only valid for entrance fees at Yosemite National Park. All visitors at Yosemite National Park are required to pay an entrance fee. Please be prepared to.
  2. Yosemite National Park reopens to people holding an existing wilderness permit or existing Half Dome Permit on June 5
  3. Citation: Restricted permit-only access to Yosemite National Park's Half Dome summit, anticipated to improve hiker safety, did not (2019, June 26) retrieved 12 March 2021 from https://phys.org.
  4. This year, in an effort to decrease traffic and increase safety concerns, Yosemite officials have decided to require free permits in a few of the car-park locations at Northside. You will still be.
  5. Yosemite's website shows the most popular request dates of the last season. For those who don't get a permit through the lottery, approximately 50 permits per day will be available in daily.
  6. All overnight hikes need permits. Everything else is open to hikers! For your short visit, consider - Sentinel Dome on the Glacier Point Road (or Taft Point - Pohono Trail - Sentinel Dome loop) - Valley Trail from Mirror Lake (Mirror Meadow in August) behind the stables past the Ahwahnee to Lower Yosemite Fall (Yosemite Wall in August.
  7. Wilderness Information: Hiking in Yosemite, Wilderness Permits (Permit Stations, Conditions Updates) Hiking Trail Index: Find trail: Distance miles (km), Elevation Gain feet (meters), Crowd Factor, Scenery Factor, Difficulty. Easy and Moderate Hike Videos - Great for new staff/volunteers or new hikers! Tips from a local - Great for new staff! - Covid-19 Safety Response Plan Cleaning and.

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  1. I took the liberty of calling Yosemite's wilderness information line (209-372-0826, business hours Mon-Fri). Sounds like if you're on a trail with equipment for a wilderness over night, and your permit does not reflect entry on that trail, it's considered out of bounds and a violation of the permit process. Given that answer, I think Enzian's suggestion is a good one. Additionally, you can call the wilderness line and see if they have any further suggestions. Hope this helps a little
  2. Please contact Yosemite National Park for new information about wilderness permits. Yosemite National Park Wilderness For trips entering Yosemite National Park Wilderness from Cherry Lake, Kibbie Ridge, or Lake Eleanor, visit any district office or call the Groveland Ranger District by phone no more than 24 hours in advance of your trip. Cherry Lake Dam gate to Cherry Lake, Kibbie Ridge, and Lake Eleanor opens from April 1-December 15. Only 25 people may obtain a Wilderness Permit to Kibbie.
  3. Yosemite Permits . Those who are starting their backpacking trips from Yosemite have to deal with the hassle of getting a permit from Yosemite National Park. This is a function of the international and national popularity of Yosemite potentially crowding backcountry trails. Tahoe to Whitney Yosemite-Tuolumne Meadows Permit Informatio
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  5. Only advanced rated pilots are permitted to fly in Yosemite National Park. Tandem flights, aerobatic flights or paragliding are not allowed. Landing at the Leidig Meadow landing zone is allowed only between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., from May 1 to October 1 of the permit year. All hang gliding activities must adhere to rules and safety procedures of the United States Hang Gliding Association

Answer 1 of 3: Hi, Me and a friend are visiting YNP this summer and we plan to camp in a tent over night in one of the designated camp grounds. The YNP website is a little unclear when it comes to Wilderness Permits - Do we need one to camp in the campsites? or.. Backcountry permits: Anyone who spends a night in the backcountry is required to get a Wilderness Permit. Yosemite caps the number of hikers from each trailhead, so you'll want to make reservations far ahead of time. Reserve early: Reservations are available 26 weeks in advance when the permit office is open (late November through October). Although popular trailheads may fill up, there is almost always space available at other trailheads in the park. From November through April. A New Permit Reservation Process in Yosemite. Ray Rippel January 16, 2017 27 . There has been a change to the way Yosemite National Park issues wilderness permit reservations, and it is one that will make it much more convenient to apply. Your chances of getting the permit will probably decrease (more on that later), but it will be much less of an administrative nightmare. Here is the outline.

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  1. You do need a wilderness permit to camp in Little Yosemite Valley, but you don't need a campground reservation - if you've got the wilderness permit, you're allowed to camp here. Wilderness permits are free (sort of - more on this in the next paragraph), but, for this area, extremely popular, and doubly so since the institution of the Half Dome permit system. The park service allows 60 percent of the wilderness permits for any particular trailhead to be reserved up to six months in advance.
  2. gly endless trails. Daily scheduled group trips and custom designed backpacking expeditions are available and can be tailored to your.
  3. NORTHBOUND (NOBO): To start in Yosemite, obtain a wilderness permit from Yosemite National Park for the Glen Aulin Trailhead in Tuolumne Meadows or Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley. Fax the reservation form 168 days before your hike per the schedule laid out in the Wilderness Permits Reservation Window
  4. The Yosemite Facebook page has information about the Day Use Entry permit for 2021. We wondered if the NPS would resume this policy, and it looks like they will.. Beginning February 8, visitors to Yosemite National Park will need a day-use reservation to enter the park

Yosemite Permits: Your Guide to Half Dome and the

There's no better way to experience the true wilderness of Yosemite's 94% wild lands, than packing your backpack and sleeping under the stars. You'll need a wilderness permit, information on encountering bears in the backcountry and a bear canister Yosemite National Park is requiring day-use permits once it reopens to help manage crowd control during the pandemic. Steve Smith/Getty Images Show More Show Less 5 of

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Permits are essential. In order to prevent overcrowding and offer everyone the best experience, they only allow a set number of people in each trailhead. Get your wilderness permit in advance on the Yosemite National Park website. And the sooner the better! If you are camping, you might need to book your permit months (sometimes nearly a year) in advance 2 Day Itinerary Yosemite - Half Dome; The permit system works like this. There are two ways to get a permit: Way 1 - Preseason Lottery - Throughout March you can apply for a permit for any days you'd like to throughout the year. The preseason lottery hands out 225 permits for each day in the year. Way 2 - Daily Lottery - You can apply 2 days prior to your desired hiking date and.

Yosemite: Half Dome cables going up early; here's how toYour Essential Guide on Hiking to Half Dome Yosemitelimberger2010nationalparks [licensed for non-commercialHigh Lakes of Yosemite National Park, California - SierraThat Time I Failed at Hiking Half Dome Yosemite National

Yosemite is an ideal place to study the natural world. Scientists working in this living laboratory explore biodiversity, geology, climate change and more. Your support can fund research that informs efforts to understand and protect the park's resources today and prepare for the future Permits. Da sich viele Leute der Herausforderung stellen wollen, ist der Hike zum Half Dome schon seit langem eine der begehrteste Wanderungen im Park. Aus diesem Grund braucht Ihr für den Sub Dome und die Cables seit, iiiiii 2010 ein Permit, die jeweils im März für das ganze Jahr per Online-Lotterie verlost werden. Pro Tag werden maximal 300 Genehmigungen erteilt, davon 225 für. The trail is 211 miles long and runs (mostly in conjunction with the PCT) from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney, in California. Winding through the famed Sierra Nevada, the JMT visits some of the crown jewels of America's park system: Yosemite, John Muir and Ansel Adams Wildernesses, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. The John Muir Trail section of th Understanding Yosemite's Backcountry Permit System. Yosemite National Park issues backcountry permits based on trailhead quotas, allowing a specific number of backpackers to start their trip at each trailhead every day (and the number varies between different trailheads). For some of the most-popular trailheads—including Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley and most of the trailheads in the. If you're one of the 25,000-plus people waiting for the annual lottery for a permit to hike Yosemite's Half Dome, the wait is almost over

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