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The reload () method in JavaScript is used to reload the webpage. The refresh button in your browser acts exactly like the reload method. The syntax of the reload method is as follows: Top courses in JavaScript Auto Refresh Page Using history.go () in JavaScript The JavaScript window object has history property that can be used to refresh the page. This window object returns the read-only property of the History object. The window.history property help to manipulate the browser session history

When this method executes, it retrieves the content of location.href, but then jQuery parses the returned document to find the element with divId. This element, along with its contents, is inserted into the element with an ID (divId) of result, and the rest of the retrieved document is discarded The element holding all of the tables (#main_content) needs to be refreshed (updated/whatever) to show that the target table had indeed been deleted. That's how it's suppose to work. I've got it working by simply refreshing the entire page, but would like to be able to only refresh the content div only if possible Force redraw on an element (jQuery) #javascript. #browsers. #jquery. This snippet can help in cases where the browser doesn't redraw an updated element properly. $.fn.redraw = function() { $(this).each(function() { var redraw = this.offsetHeight; }); }; You'd then call the method like this: $('.theElement').redraw()

<script src=jquery.min.js></script> <script> var auto_refresh = setInterval( function() { $('#data').fadeOut('slow').load('data.php').fadeIn(slow); }, 10000); </script>.. <table. I have tried the following code which loads the entire page in this element. I want to load only particular element. <script> $ (document).ready (function () { $ (#button).click (function () { $ (#demo).load (location.href + #demo); }); }); </script> </head> <body> <div id=example> <p id=demo>hi</p> <button id=button.

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In web page, the javascript reload () function is used for refresh the web page it may upon the refresh be in page or a particular section of the application JavaScript - Need to refresh <div> element only. < script type =text/javascript src =http:/testin.com/time.js></ script >. Now This script will put one banner here when page load. Now i want that when ever i click on button it reload/refresh without refreshing the page By admin Javascript, JQuery 37 Comments Here I am going to show different methods to refresh/reload the page or part of the page automatically in certain period of time. Simplest way to refresh whole page is by using meta tag as below: <meta http-equiv=refresh content=30;url=index.html> The reload() method is used to reload the current document. The reload() method does the same as the reload button in your browser

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Using AJAX to reload only a Div. April 24, 2017 AJAX, Developers. Ajax has become very popular because of the ease of use it incorporates into a website for the user. It isn't a single language, but more a conglomeration of css, ajax, javascript and html. Basically, I'm going to show you how to get the iframe effect (not reloading the whole page, only part of it) but without the iframe. Use JavaScript to Refresh a Page. There are times when you will want to programatically refresh or reload a page using JavaScript. Typically you would place a button or action element on the page for the user to initiate the refresh. Automatically performing a page refresh can be a confusing and jarring experience for your user, so minimize. You are here: Home / jQuery / Refreshing DIV Content with jQuery. Refreshing DIV Content with jQuery. January 9, 2013 by Ganesh Prakhya Leave a Comment. Frequently we may have to add or update content of the HTML elements in the web pages. The data we need to add or edit may come from various sources dynamically. jQuery has number of utility methods to achieve this goal. We can add elements or. i can't seem to find documentation about the new refresh stuff.. is it supposed to work for form elements too? i tried this: $(#detail_form).html(data)

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  1. The Location.reload() method reloads the current URL, like the Refresh button. The reload may be blocked and a SECURITY_ERROR DOMException thrown. This happens if the origin of the script calling location.reload() differs from the origin of the page that owns the Location object. See Same-origin policy for more information
  2. g. In this tutorial we will first Insert.
  3. The most common way to refresh webpages using JavaScript is to use the reload method. The location variable holds the current document location loaded on the window. So, calling the location () method will reload the page the same way the refresh button on the browser does. You just need to call location.reload () from within your script code
  4. The JavaScript refresh page function can reload the current resource. In most cases, a page is selected to be refreshed. The method also has other perks, such as helping you get the URL address of the current page, redirect the browser to another page, and, of course, refresh page JavaScript
  5. The JavaScript setInterval () method calls a function or executes a code repeatedly at specified time intervals. Here in this post, I’ll show you a simple example on how to refresh or reload a web page every 10 Seconds using the JavaScript setInterval () method. Syntax of setInterval () Metho

To reload the image in Javascript, we can simply select the <img> element and modify its src attribute to be that of the target image, along with the bogus query string to ensure it does not use the cache. As an example, let's assume you have an image test.jpg which needs to be reloaded The JavaScript reload () method is used to reload the current document in JavaScript/jQuery. The reload () method can reload the current resource. The method also has other perks, such as helping you get the URL address of the current page, redirect the browser to another page, refresh page etc Automatically Refresh HTML page or div after some Interval,Auto refresh current page with regular intervals using JavaScript,Automatically refresh page after some interva

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The Location.reload () method reloads the current URL, like the Refresh button. The reload may be blocked and a SECURITY_ERROR DOMException thrown. This happens if the origin of the script calling location.reload () differs from the origin of the page that owns the Location object. See Same-origin policy for more information Hallo zusammen, ich bin heute wirklich mit Blindheit geschlagen: ich suche jetzt schon ewig nach einer Möglichkeit, per JavaScript ein div-Element neu zu laden. reload() geht ja nun mal nur für die ganze Seite, damit kann ich nichts anfangen. Kann ich das auch nur auf ein Tag anwenden.. Other times the CSS is so stubbornly cached that even refreshing the entire page doesn't help. Today we will learn how to reload the CSS without reloading the entire page. Using JavaScript, we can append a new version number to the CSS file path as a query parameter every time you update the CSS. By adding a different query parameter to a URL. When a JavaScript variable is declared with the keyword new , the variable is created as an object: var x = new String (); // Declares x as a String object. var y = new Number (); // Declares y as a Number object. var z = new Boolean (); // Declares z as a Boolean object. Avoid String, Number, and Boolean objects Hello everybody, I have the following test script and I'm trying to get the div tag refreshed when the button is clicked. Im not passing any arguments. Im not passing any arguments. Refresh div tag without refresing the whole page - jQuery Foru

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There are times when you will want to programatically refresh or reload a page using JavaScript. Typically you would place a button or action element on the page for the user to initiate the refresh. Automatically performing a page refresh can be a confusing and jarring experience for your user, so minimize that tactic Description. hash. Sets or returns the anchor part (#) of a URL. host. Sets or returns the hostname and port number of a URL. hostname. Sets or returns the hostname of a URL. href. Sets or returns the entire URL

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It's simple just 5 lines of code. Live Demo. Example 1. Index.html. Contains javascript and HTML code. Take a look at load(record_cound.php) <scripttype=text/javascript src=http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/. libs/jquery/1.3./jquery.min.js></script>. <scripttype=text/javascript> Finding HTML Elements by CSS Selectors. If you want to find all HTML elements that match a specified CSS selector (id, class names, types, attributes, values of attributes, etc), use the querySelectorAll () method. This example returns a list of all <p> elements with class=intro. Example. var x = document.querySelectorAll(p.intro) Hello, I have found many ways to do the timing with setInterval and some ways of refreshing the DIV with refreshDiv What I am trying to do is have a Div refresh every 5 min. If changes are made to. This contains html and javascript code. load('load_post.php'); <script type=text/javascript> var autoLoad = setInterval( function () { $('#load_post').load('load_post.php').fadeIn(slow); }, 10000); // refresh page every 10 seconds </script> <body> <!--append load-post.php echo value here--> <div id=load_post></div> </body> LedgerName column in div and refresh that part only..!! 0 0. Share. essential 84 Posting Shark Featured Poster. 11 Years Ago. Since you've provided me with insufficient code, then i will just have to mimic everything on this demo. To be able for this to work, you must provide all valid variables and including querystring on each document, especially inside the ledger.php where it needs valid.

Atualizar DIV sem dar refresh na pagina JQUERY. 1. Atualizar DIV sem refresh com Ajax. 1. jQuery como carregar um link em uma div sem fazer refresh da página? 2. Executar busca no Mysql após abrir Modal. 0. Como eu faria uma div sem refresh. Feed de perguntas Assine o RSS Feed de perguntas Para assinar este feed RSS, copie e cole esta URL no seu leitor RSS. Stack Overflow em Português. Tour. How to refresh content in a div every 5 seconds using jQuery and AJAX to show content using .load() and then set a recurring call for the data every 5 seconds Live Updating DOM Elements With jQuery and Ajax. Jun 4 th, 2015 9:20 pm. Based on a talk I gave at the NYCHTML5 Meetup on June 2nd, 2015. Any web app that involves real-time interactions between users requires some form of live notifications. Implementing this, for a beginner developer such as myself, can be a daunting challenge. This post will walk through how I went about solving this. A very simple way to reload any element using jquery. Refresh or reload div using simple jquery method. This method can be used in ajax also. Ajax div reloa.. In this tutorial we are going to learn auto refresh div content on regular interval by using JQuery and Ajax method in PHP programming. In this tutorial we will first Insert or form data into Mysql table by using Ajax Jquery method in PHP. After Inserting data into database then after by using Jquery load() method which fetch data from database. Then after this load() method has been used in Jquery setInterval(), this method will execute load() method on regular interval until we have called.

A webpage can be refreshed by using different ways by using jQuery or JavaScript. For example, you may use location.reload method to refresh a page from the browser cache or server side. See the section below for live demos of using location.reload and other ways. An example of jQuery refresh from browser cach The selector is an expression which selects the HTML element(s) on which you will use the command. do_something() is a jQuery method. Methods can have arguments, and they can include functions; the functions can be JavaScript commands or other jQuery methods. Refreshing A Page. There are times when you'll want to refresh a web page. The user can generally refresh a page manually with a. La fonction JQuery donnée est la fonction qui va te permettre d'aller question le serveur pour pouvoir récupérer le contenu du chat. Donc c'est cette fonction refresh que tu vas appeler toutes les X sec, grâce à ton setInterval

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We have created this tutorial on how to auto-refresh div content/data using Ajax and JQuery with PHP Script. We have used JQuery load() method, that is called when the page is ready and sends requests to the server and fetches data from the server and by using jQuery selector we can refresh HTML div content/data without page refresh In classic Object Oriented Programming, objects are collections of data and methods that operate on that data. JavaScript is a prototype-based language that contains no class statement, as you'd find in C++ or Java (this is sometimes confusing for programmers accustomed to languages with a class statement). Instead, JavaScript uses functions as classes. Let's consider a person object with first and last name fields. There are two ways in which the name might be displayed: as first last or. Sets or returns the value of the marginwidth attribute in an iframe. name. Sets or returns the value of the name attribute in an iframe. sandbox. Returns the value of the sandbox attribute in an iframe. scrolling. Not supported in HTML5. Sets or returns the value of the scrolling attribute in an iframe. seamless

Javascript reload div - Meilleures réponses; Refresh div - Forum - Javascript; Jquery refresh dom - Forum - Javascript; Refresh div - Forum - Javascript; Ajax refresh div - Forum - Javascript; Jquery remplacer contenu div - Forum - Javascript; 3 réponses. Réponse 1 / 3. Pitet Messages postés 2371 Date d'inscription lundi 11 février 2013 Statut Membre Dernière intervention 13 janvier 2021. Hi, I'm trying to put together some jQuery code that will add form elements (input checkboxes) to a form, once the user performs a certain action. Late Div's don't have a auto refresh option as opposed to a html page which can do so via meta-refresh tag. The code snippet you have shared is actually using JQuery library to load some url contents into div. Regards, Sampath Kumar Sathiya 2-Jul-13 11:36am You need use load or ajax call auto refresh. 1 solution. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Solution 1. Accept Solution Reject Solution. add. How to do Auto Load and Refresh Div every Seconds with jQuery and Ajax. So today We have learned topic like how content in a div to refresh every seconds, f..

Refresh a HTML div without page load AJAX. AJAX HTML Javascript jQuery PHP Example MORE × Menu Ajax Introduction Ajax Insert Data AJAX Insert Multiple Data AJAX PHP View AJAX PHP Update AJAX PHP Delete AJAX CRUD Example AJAX Username Check AJAX PHP Upload Ajax PHP duplicate Ajax Delete Multiple AJAX Login Signup AJAX Login OTP AJAX Serialize AJAX Array Data AJAX Pagination AJAX table refresh. こんにちは!エンジニアの中沢です。 JavaScriptにはページの更新を行うための「reloadメソッド」があります。 ページの更新には、フレームだけリロードしたり、ページの一部だけを更新することができるので、上手く活 [ querySelector / querySelectorAll kommen nah an jQuery $ und erreichen jedes Element im Dokument mit Hilfe von CSS Selektoren. Mehr dazu. Javascript Identifier Dollar ($) und Underscore ( _ ) Wer den Bandwurm-Namen getElementById abkürzen will und die Erinnerung an jQuery hoch hält . querySelector() / querySelectorAll() erreicht Elemente mit id, class, name, aber auch mit komplexen CSS.

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  1. JQuery- Auto Refresh Div Every X Seconds i want the whole page refresh using jquery ajax. is any example? if i used meta refresh,that refresh was visible to me, i want ajax refresh for whole page
  2. Die funktion davon wäre so gedacht, das alle 5 sec eine Datei eingeladen wird die mir immer neue Inhalte liefert für zum Beispiel ein Nachrichten Benachrichtigungs Syste
  3. Google's JavaScript defer Technik hingegen verzögert das Laden, bis das onload-Script gefeuert hat. Javascript unload. Javascript unload ruft einen Event Handler auf, wenn der Browser ein Dokument aus dem Fenster oder Frame entfernt. Das passiert z.B., wenn der Benutzer einen Link klickt, der das Fenster schließt
  4. refresh a div after button click in jquery 2 ; jQuery DOM selection 4 ; How to create button using innerHtml 2 ; Refresh Multiple Div Using one FUnction 1 ; Issues when closing modal boxes and refresh 2 ; difference between asp.net and .net framework 13 ; JQuery, loading page but not functioning 7 ; jQuery to help update a table from a database 8 ; Showing and Hiding an Alert Box 1 ; Using PHP.
  5. In this tutorial, I'll show you how easy it is to do just that—validate and submit a contact form without page refresh using jQuery! Let's get started. What We're Building. In this example, we have a simple contact form with name, email, and phone number. The form submits all the fields to a PHP script without any page refresh, using native jQuery functions. 1. Build the HTML Form. Let's.
  6. In React, there are two ways to refresh a page: updating the state and forcing a page reload. Let's explore both methods of using React to refresh a page. Method 1: Refresh a Page Using JavaScript. The first way of refreshing a page or component is to use vanilla JavaScript to call the reload method to tell the browser to reload the current page
  7. ️Notice that the height prop of the body is 3000px, it's needed to show you the rotation of the reload icon inside the green-yellow circle by scrolling.. Besides, I have centered the circle element vertically and horizontally for better preview. You can see in the circle class.. Next, we need to add a rotation effect to the element on the scroll

Then, let's use Javascript in the webpage to reload the viz. HTML. This is all the body of the page: a brief description followed by a div element (I called it myViz) that will start as empty. The 'onload=initialize();' is the command to, when the page loads, launch a function called initialize that we'll see below. JAVASCRIPT. First thing we need is to call the. Das script-Element. Zur Einbindung von JavaScript-Code in ein HTML-Dokument existiert das HTML-Element script.Dieses darf sowohl im Kopf (head-Element) als auch im Körper (body-Element) eines HTML-Dokuments auftauchen.Es kann entweder direkt JavaScript-Code beinhalten, wie in diesem Beispiel When removing an element with JavaScript, you must go to its parent first instead. This was always odd and not so straightforward. According to DOM level 4 specs, which is the current version in development, there are some new handy mutation methods available: append(), prepend(), before(), after(), replace(), and remove(). In this article we'll focus a bit on one of the new kids on the. How to select an element with multiple classes using jQuery ? Last Updated : 25 Apr, 2019 Method 1: Using the location.reload(): The location.reload() method reloads the current web page emulating the clicking of the refresh button on the browser Using Splice to Remove Array Elements in JavaScript. The splice method can be used to add or remove elements from an array. The first argument specifies the location at which to begin adding or removing elements. The second argument specifies the number of elements to remove. The third and subsequent arguments are optional; they specify elements to be added to the array. Here we use the splice.

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The DIV will get data (content) extracted from an external JSON file. And to do this, I'll use JavaScript Ajax with GET method. To auto-refresh the DIV element every few seconds, I'll call a method (which will refresh the DIV's content) from within the window.setInterval() function, at a specifie Refresh div element. JavaScript / Ajax / DHTML Forums on Bytes. i hav displayed some datas driven from database using php inside a div element., so if i refresh the div then the datas are displayed in diferent order since i hav displayed using rand function . so if need to refresh that div element., this can be done using iframe., but i need it to be done using div.. Dec 18 '08 #3. reply. JavaScript - Refresh Forms. Neil Parkhurst / May 8, 2016. Here is a quick JavaScript code example. Having added a new opportunity on a contact I wanted to refresh the contact form and at the same time save any changes. This concept might be useful in several circumstances, say you have a customization on the opportunity that updates fields on the contact. Then refreshing the contact page.


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hope you understand from what i wrote above . on div id norefresh it must show countdown timer as text only like, this page will refresh in 60 seconds and that countdown as text is going like , 60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54 to 0 then refresh the page if user didn't click on that text CLICK HERE TO RESET TIMER TO 5 MINS TO PREVENT REFRESHING THE PAGE . but if user clicked, then reset timer to. Detecting Page Refreshes :: Using JavaScript on Client-Side. Motivation. I was once asked to add a feature to the highlighting script so that highlighting would be turned off when a page was refreshed. I could not think of a simple way to detect when a page was refreshed, and when I searched on-line I found that not many other people had come up with good solutions to this problem. I ended up. how to refresh a partial view using javascript ? Jul 14, 2015 08:01 AM | parth7253 | LINK i want to refresh a partial view called in a view where i have implemented a method of calling two models in one view and one of the view contains a list that i am calling in webgrid i want that webgrid to refresh untill a value is changed from process to completed here is what i have tried so far Hello, There are so many script available for to auto refresh div. but i didnt find many of them for on click refresh div. particularly i dont want to use any jquery or mootools but want to use simple JS function which can do that. Can anyone tell me any resources or tell me how can i do that? Th.. reload() ist eine Methode des location-Objektes. Damit kannst du nicht einfach ein beliebiges Element neu laden. Damit könntest du die gesamte Seite aktualisieren, aber nicht nur ein DIV. Wie kommt denn der Inhalt in dein Div, das du aktualisieren willst? Wird der serverseitig generiert oder nutzt du dafür JavaScript

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Hi, How to refresh a div on button click example, clic JavaScript/Location/reload. Aus SELFHTML-Wiki < JavaScript‎ | Location. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. Die Methode location.reload lädt eine WWW-Seite neu. Hat den gleichen Effekt wie der Reload-Button im Browser. Syntax. location.reload(forcedReload); forcedReload: Optional kann dieser Funktion der Parameter true übergeben werden, um ein Neuladen der Seite vom Server zu erzwingen. Ohne. LIVE DEMO DOWNLOAD To refresh a DIV or any element in specified time, i am going to use [] menu search. Search. search. Bits; Courses; News; Tutorials; more_horiz. Advertise; Contact; Services; Start-here; Login Join for Free # Angularjs # Tutorial. Refresh DIV in 10 Seconds Using Angularjs. remove_red_eye56358 Views; event23 Mar 2019; access_time5 min read; Shahid. Founder of Codeforgeek.

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  1. When this method executes, it retrieves the content of location.href, but then jQuery parses the returned document to find the element with divId.This element, along with its contents, is inserted into the element with an ID (divId) of result, and the rest of the retrieved document is discarded.$(#divId).load(location.href + #divId>*, )
  2. HTML Tags/Elements HTML Global Attributes HTML Event Attributes HTML Color Picker HTML Language Codes HTML Character Entities HTTP Status Codes. CSS REFERENCES. CSS At-rules CSS Properties CSS Animatable Properties CSS Color Values CSS Color Names CSS Web Safe Fonts CSS Aural Properties. PHP REFERENCES. PHP Array Functions PHP String Functions PHP File System Functions PHP Date/Time Functions.
  3. <!DOCTYPE html> Sign Up; Log In; New Snippet; My Favorites ; Following; Thu, March 18, 2021 https://devcodepro.com devcodepro. Home · Latest · Trends / JavaScript. 8 Reload / Refresh Div with jQuery. Refresh html div content with jQuery.
  4. The following code is designed to load and refresh JavaScript code from an external file sandbox.js and allow it to be refreshed dynamically and executed without reloading the entire page. The sandbox.js file is assumed to contain a function sandbox() which may contain arbitrary JavaScript code. As the title within the code below suggests, it's.
  5. refresh div jquery . javascript by Lonely Lemur on Mar 24 2020 Donate . 0. AJAX in reload a div container . javascript by Grieving Gemsbok on Apr 05 2020 Donate . 0 Source: www.sitepoint.com. refresh a div jquery . javascript by Gostar Constantine on Apr 04 2020 Donate . 0. AJAX in reload a div container.

How to dynamically set the height and width of a div element using jQuery ? 17, Aug 20. How to set id attribute of an element dynamically using AngularJS ? 29, Sep 20 . How to add CSS properties to an element dynamically using jQuery ? 22, Mar 21. How to merge properties of two JavaScript objects dynamically? 17, Apr 19. How to get the javascript function parameter names/values dynamically? 18. Each event is represented by an object that is based on the Event interface, and may have additional custom fields and/or functions to provide information about what happened. The documentation for every event has a table (near the top) that includes a link to the associated event interface, and other relevant information. A full list of the different event types is given in Event > Interfaces.

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  1. - How to refresh a page in jQuery? Jquery is mostly used by many designer to give a look like like magic to websites.Here's a example to make your web page content display a fade in page loading effect.This will give a better look to your page.Lets See how this can be done with code combination
  2. Other JavaScript. Just for the record, you can also affect the playing state of a CSS animation through JavaScript, like pausing and restarting it. element.style.webkitAnimationPlayState=paused; element.style.webkitAnimationPlayState=running; Obviously consider the other vendor prefixes properties
  3. You can reload or refresh an entire web page automatically using jQuery.That's simple. Now, how do you refresh only the contents inside a DIV element (or any element)? In jQuery, you can use the setInterval() function to refresh or load new contents inside a DIV element at a given interval. I'll show you how this is done
  4. The first time I applied this JavaScript, the interval was set to refresh every 3 seconds (on accident of course, didn't realize it was milliseconds). Everything broke. The file locked up, and I had to kill it and start over. DON'T REPEAT MY MISTAKES
  5. In this article you can see how to use the refresh method of the Kendo UI Grid. Kendo UI for jQuery . Product Bundles. DevCraft. All Telerik .NET tools and Kendo UI JavaScript components in one package. Now enhanced with: Conversational UI; Online Training; Document Processing Library; Embedded Reporting for web and desktop; Web. Kendo UI UI for jQuery UI for Angular UI for React UI for Vue UI.
  6. Uma div onde há um painel que se conecta à um banco de dados e retira 3 informações de lá (uma espécie de dashboard) e uma div onde há um painel de mensagens que ficam passando (slider). O que ocorre: essa página está atualmente com um refresh automatico por HTML (tag) e até que funciona bem! Mas, por questões de chegar uma hora que.
  7. Per maggiori informazioni su jQuery e AJAX si consiglia la lettura di questo articolo. Aggiornare il contenuto di un DIV mediante il metodo load() Un'altra tecnica che consente di effettuare il refresh del contenuto di un DIV senza eseguire un reload del documento prevede l'utilizzo del metodo load()
An 8-Point Checklist for Debugging Strange Technical SEOX12 Plus Game Consoles 7 inch 16GB 7&quot; Retro Hand HoldMIKE TROUT POSTER LOS ANGELES (LA) ANGELS of ANAHEIM LARGEUX Design Archives - Page 258 of 308 - Atelier Ultimate16 Coolest gadgets you have never seen before-latest

H i friend.., let us see how to reload / refresh any part of webpage in N number of seconds [something like auto refresh Div content of the webpage in a specific time interval], hmm you might seen this type of usage in cricket live score websites hope you are well aware of this, even in Facebook / Twitter too. I will show you how to implement this using Java/jsp-jQuery API Document Object Model FAQ: Häufig gestellte Fragen zum DOM - eine ausführliche Frage-Antwortseite des W3-Konsortiums zum Thema. ECMAScript 6. ecmascript.org: ECMAScript 6 specification drafts; Deutschsprachige Hilfen und Quellen zu JavaScript/DOM. Mozilla Developer Network - JavaScript. Sehr umfangreiche Dokumentation und Tutorials zu. In addition to the original element, the wrapper also contains two span elements where the two labels are stored. If you manipulate a flipswitch via JavaScript, you must call the refresh method on it to update the visual styling. This method does not accept any arguments. Code examples: Invoke the refresh method: 1 $( .selector).flipswitch( refresh); 1. Events. create( event, ui ) Type. Neben location.href = url gibt es auch noch location.assign(url), um mit Javascript auf eine andere Webseite weiterzuleiten. Der Aufruf einer Funktion anstelle der Zuweisung einer neuen Adresse könnte um einen Hauch langsamer sein, aber ansonsten wird location.assign genauso gut funktionieren wie location.href. window.reload( The Document method getElementById() returns an Element object representing the element whose id property matches the specified string. Since element IDs are required to be unique if specified, they're a useful way to get access to a specific element quickly. If you need to get access to an element which doesn't have an ID, you can use querySelector() to find the element using any selector

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