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How to Create Your Own TVDB API Key Go to the TVDB website and sign up for a free account. After you are registered and signed in, click here to go to the create a TVDB Api Key page directly. Enter in your Project Name. You can leave your website blank. Click Retrieve API Key Your API Key will be. On http://platypus.thetvdb.com/eng/dashboa nt/apikeys I actually found a way to get an API key but this seems to be a different thing. Following Postman call returns 401 Error: API Key Required. POST https://api.thetvdb.com/. { apikey: my API key from platypus.thetvdb.com } Top

Registering an API key. You must have an API key from http://thetvdb.com in order to use this module. Registering for a key is easy to do and can be done within a few minutes - see the following page for details: https://thetvdb.com/api-information. Note: In tvdb_api v2 a default key was included for convenience. However over time this key became very heavily used and this causes problems for TheTVDB.com admins. This old shared key will be deprecated and removed at some point soon The API is accessible via https://api.thetvdb.com and provides the following REST endpoints in JSON format. How to use this API documentation You may browse the API routes without authentication, but if you wish to send requests to the API and see response data, then you must authenticate

Auf TVDB steht auch noch, dass man nur-lesend-Zugriff ohne API hinbekommt und man ein Konto (und API Token) nur braucht, wenn man Daten hochladen will. Sprich: Kann sein, dass (freiwillig in Kooperation mit Synology oder gezwungenermaßen weil Synology soviele Datenzugriffe vornimmt) man in Zukunft sich selbst authentifizieren muß r/TheTVDB: Official subreddit for TheTVDB.com. We are a wiki-style site with TV information, which is available in a free API

Hi Everyone. Plex is an amazing addition to our home. However, naming the files correctly can turn out to be quite a challenge and a chore. I made a program to make that task easier. Here it is. Since the introduction of the new TVDB api, a lot of stuff was broken. This is just an attempt to allow renaming without needing any API key or FileBot etc. I would love to get your feedback and suggestions on how to improve it. This is my first give back to the Plex community. I hope it can help some.. Confirmed. This is because Emby was using TheTVDB API v1, which their key was enabled for. However our key is only enabled for v2. As a hotfix, I've asked in their forums if we can quickly enable our key for v1. @Bond-009 is also looking into replacing the API handling code for the next release to avoid the problem entirely They have helpfully left their API keys visible.... and they work . TVDB: 1e4302d517e953bcfe7b12a61fe2f2f8; MovieDB (TMDB): 109040fd04abad3bc1c69708cc998a01; Maybe I have to wait until the TVDB API key becomes active, in which case I'll use Synology's until then. Or, I may just use MovieDB for both TV Shows and Movies: I tested without TVDB enabled and got MovieDB results for TV shows thetvdb_api is a Python API for theTVDB.com. It is very simple to use and has a lot of features API Key. Both commercial and non-commercial projects have the same process for obtaining an API key. Please create an account, visit your dashboard, and go to the API key section

What is TVDB? TVDB is a popular database for TV information. The TVDB API Key allows you to access this database and pull in information such as titles, posters, plot for nearly every movie and TV show in existence. As well, it supplies categories such as Popular, Top Rated, Now Playing, etc Our API is available for everyone to use. A TMDb user account is required to request an API key. Professional users are approved on a per application basis. As always, you must attribute TMDb as the source of your data To install TVDB::API, copy and paste the appropriate command in to your terminal. cpanm. cpanm TVDB::API CPAN shell. perl -MCPAN -e shell install TVDB::API As part of our relaunch, passwords have been reset as of June 3, 2019. Please perform a password reset before logging in

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Der Key in der epgd.conf ist für The Movie DB. -> https://www.themoviedb.org/ Der hat mit diesem Problem nichts zu tun. Der Fehler betrifft hier https://thetvdb.com/ Dieser Key ist im Quellcode vorgegeben und scheint nicht mehr zu funktionieren Tvdb Account. You will need an API key from TVDb.com to access the client. To obtain a key, follow these steps: Register for and verify an account. Log into your account. Fill your details to generate a new API key. Python Installation (recommended to use a virtual env) You also need python >= 3.6 up and running Searches the TVDB and returns a list of WebService::TVDB::Series as the result. get( $id ) Get a single WebService::TVDB::Series by series id. API KEY. To use this module, you will need an API key from http://thetvdb.com/?tab=apiregister. You can pass this key into the constructor, or save it to ~/.tvdb. AUTHOR. Andrew Jones <andrew@arjones.co.uk> CONTRIBUTOR

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  1. API key: you could enter your own API key here if you don't want to access TVDB data with the API key of tinyMediaManager; Fallback language for title/overview scraping: when TVDB has no translated content in your preferred language you can choose another language to be used as fallback; anidb.net (AniDB) AniDB stands for Anime DataBase. AniDB is a non-profit anime database that is open.
  2. Ok to give an update: I think the issue was with my ISP/router, but not sure how/why. I restarted it and then retried refreshing metadata/images and did not observe any issues (and it was able to finally successfully fetch the images and stuff)
  3. I'm trying to retrieve JSON data from this website: www.themoviedb.org I can only use the http.client and json as libraries. I have a valid API KEY that I don't want to disclose in this question..
  4. #get(path, query = nil, options = {}) ⇒ Object. 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 11
  5. s. This old shared key will be deprecated and removed at some point soon. Advanced usage. Most of the documentation is in docstrings. The examples are tested (using doctest) so will always be up to date and working. The docstring for.

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